The Directors

Eric Jackson, the president of Empowerment Homes Inc. is married to Pauline Gibson, the secretary and treasurer. The couple met in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous in 1985. They have been in this committed relationship since March of 1986. Eric has been clean and sober since July 10, 1974. Pauline’s clean date is November 4, 1985. Both Eric and Pauline believe in the power of 12-step recovery along with a hands-on approach to managing their recovery houses. They truly love serving God, their residents and the Tampa Bay community, trying and succeeding at changing lives for the better.

Eric and Pauline have been renovating houses since the 1990’s. They opened their first recovery house in September 2001. Both also enjoy riding their own Harley Davidson motorcycles with other recovering addicts. Pauline has a bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences and is currently studying for her Master’s degree.

Pauline and Eric are so proud of having raised a beautiful daughter Jamie, in a loving, happy and healthy home environment. These proud grandparents also love taking an active part in their grandson Triston’s life.

Their vision is to continue on a path of recovery, one day at a time, giving back what has been freely given to them, inspiring others with teamwork, love, experience, strength and hope.

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